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5 scientific reasons to read a book every day

Though more people now read e-books, the demand for real books is no less yet. Though it is convenient to read the digital books, you won’t get the joy of reading a real book by reading an e-book. Here are some scientific reasons to read a real book.

Improves intelligence

You know more by reading. When you read a book, it opens up the world to you. You should start reading books from a very young age. Children’s books let kids learn 50% more words than prime time TV. You get exposed to more vocabulary by reading books. So, you will get higher tests on reading and other tests. If you want to read quickly, then read the traditional book. Reading on a screen can slow your speed of reading.

Boosts power of brain

Reading books regularly increase the power of your brain. It improves your memory functions by working out your brain. With age, your memory slowly declines. But if you read regularly, the process of declining memory will slow down. So, your minds will be sharper for a longer time.

Reading makes you empathetic

You can relate to others easily by reading a book. Reading makes people understand what they are thinking. You will be able to understand the complex social relationships better.

Flipping pages help to understand what you are reading

If you want to remember what you are reading then, you should read a real book than an e-book. The touch of pages on your finder provides some context in the brain. This can lead to deeper understanding of what you are reading.

Reading helps you to relax

After a long day of work, reading a book can make you feel relaxed. It can get rid of all your stress. You explore the author’s world and forget about your own by reading books.

So, reading the traditional book has many benefits over e-books. You should not give up the habit of reading the real book, no matter how much attached you are to electronic gadgets.

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