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December 27, 2016 / by Eddy Passmore / Blog, Books / No Comments

4 reasons why horror books are good for children

Many parents think that you should not read out horror books to children as they will become scared and cry at night. But actually, horror books can have a positive effect on the children.

Gets children interested in reading

Horror books create interests in children about reading books. Children are fascinated to hear about ghosts, monsters, etc. These books are a little scary, but they are fun too!

Learn more about them

Children learn about their strengths and weaknesses. They learn what makes them scared and what doesn’t. So, they become more empowered. They learn that heroes can be of all sizes and shapes.

Opens up the child’s imagination

In horror story books children learn about different descriptions of monsters and vampires with a weird face and all. These open the doors to creativity.

These stories are reassuring

The creepy things that are mentioned in books are fiction, not something in reality. So, when kids go to a shadowy place, they are not scared of the dark anymore.

So, it’s a positive thing to read horror stories to children. But you should be careful that the books you are reading are suitable for children. You should also consider what kind of horror books your kids are reading. It is better to read it first yourself and then let you child read it. If the book is too creepy, it might have a negative impact on your child’s mind. They may become timid in real life.

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December 27, 2016 / by Eddy Passmore / Blog, Books / No Comments

Types of books to read to your children

When you read stories to children, it introduces them to the complex nature of language. It helps them in gaining essential language skills. As a parent, you should read out different types of books to them. Here are the various genres of books you should read out to your children.

Picture Storybooks

These books include text and illustrations. It is appropriate for children as the colourful illustrations support a simple story line. The illustrations provide extra information that is not covered in the text. Children like rhyming stories and books that have repeated patterned sounds that are of interest to children.

Participation Books

Children love repeating book’s suggestions, like touching their toes, clapping their hands, covering their eyes, etc. These books promote interaction.

Patterned Concept Books

These books elaborate the children’s understanding of the relationship, idea or theme. Patterned concept books offer illustrated examples of different ideas and words. These books help children to read along with the adult and predict which word might come next.


The contents of these books come from years of oral storytelling. Most of these stories have a moral concept. These have some cultural and historical concept as well.

Nursery Rhymes

These are recited by parents from books or their memories. Most cultures have some rhymes and songs that are passed from one generation to another.

Besides these books the basic alphabet book and number book are also essential for the preliminary stages of their developments. Read these books out to your children and help them gain lots of knowledge from a very young age.

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