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Top 5 Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Books You Should Read

Have you heard of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology lately? Well, this new technology is the talk of the town right now. Most people are talking about it. But as the technology is not widely used yet, people have very vague idea about what it is and how it works. This technology has been around for more than eight years now with the introduction of bitcoins. Initially, the technology was used for monetary transactions only. But now it is being used beyond financial application. This technology will transform many industries including the education sector, business sector, the entertainment industry, and other industries as well. If you want to learn more about this technology then here are some books we recommend.

8 Blockchain And Bitcoin Books To Read

The Business Blockchain – by William Mougayar

In this book, the author discusses how blockchain will lead to the creation of new business ideas and models. You will learn what blockchain is and how it will affect the businesses in future. Including investment opportunities to stear away from, such as risky USI tech bitcoin business model.  You will know how decentralized database will work wonderfully in many industries.

Blockchain: Down The Rabbit Hole – by Tim Lea

This book is ideal for readers who don’t have any coding experience or technical knowledge. The book will help anyone to understand the impact of blockchain on businesses and other industries. You will know how to make your business more effective using the blockchain technology.

Blockchain Revolution – by Don And Alex Tapscott

This is a very comprehensive book giving you a full guide to the blockchain technology. It focuses on how the new technology can affect our daily lives. Anybody can read the book and understand this technology’s benefits. You will learn how the different industries can achieve transparency and competitiveness using this new technology. The book talks about blockchain’s role in improving financial services, protecting personal identities, contracts, etc. You will get to know how it will contribute to the Internet of Things (IoT) as well. You will know how to use cryptocurrencies safely online using the blockchain technology.

The Age Of Cryptocurrency – by Paul Vigna and Michael J Casey

It is one of the most popular books on cryptocurrency. This book will teach you the concepts of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and bitcoin. They will know why these are important and how different industries will be affected by these. You will learn about the origins of these concepts as well. There are different types of cryptocurrencies being developed daily and other that are commonly used already like ethereum, litecoin, zcash. For new cryptocurrencies to emerge, they need to be mined and registered in the blockchain for all to see. These new opportunities that emerge best co

Mastering Bitcoin – by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

This book is for the programmers and the coders so that they can learn how cryptocurrencies work. The book will explain to them how to develop software that uses cryptocurrencies. The book also contains a number of chapters that are meant for readers who don’t have any technical or programming knowledge. If you are interested to learn about how bitcoins operate then you must read this book. Elaborate examples, stories, and coding samples are used to explain the complicated technical concepts of bitcoins.

Blockchain: Blueprint For A New Economy – by Melanie Swan

After reading this book you will understand how the blockchain technology works. You will learn about the practical applications of this technology in our everyday lives. The chapters cover topics such as tracking digital information, creating a decentralized system for data storage, using data mining network, storing personal health record like the genomic data, etc.

The Book Of Satoshi – by Phil Champagne

The tone of the book is quite different from the other books. It talks about bitcoin and blockchain in a very friendly and entertaining way. By reading this book you will actually get to know what happened during the time this concept of bitcoin and blockchain were created. You will find a number of email conversations between the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto and the tech pioneers. You will learn about this amazing new technology from its creator’s perspective.

Great Chain Of Numbers – by Tim Swanson

The book is meant for readers who are business-centric. You will learn about smart contracts and how transparent database can help you. You will understand how identity can be protected using the blockchain technology.

Blockchain lets you structure your data in such a way that it remains in the database forever and can be accessed anytime. No central authority is required to control the database. The blockchain is the new big thing in the technology world. If you want to stay competitive then you must learn about blockchain, bitcoin, and the different cryptocurrencies. The books just discussed are the best ones available in the market today. You should read as many books as you can on this technology to keep yourself updated with the latest technological innovations.

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